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OS NameVersionCategories
Windows 7-Zip9.2Utilities
Windows Acrobat ProCC 2014Word Processing
OS X Adobe After EffectsCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe After EffectsCC 2014Multimedia
Windows Acrobat Pro - Distiller9.5.3305Word Processing
OS X Adobe Acrobat15.23Word Processors
OS X Adobe AuditionCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe AuditionCC 2014Multimedia
Windows Adobe BridgeCC 2014Graphics
Windows Adobe CaptivateCC 2014Multimedia
Windows Adobe Digital Editions2.0/3.0Utilities
OS X Adobe DreamweaverCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe Dreamweaver8Word Processing
Windows Adobe DreamweaverCC 2014Graphics, Word Processors
Windows Adobe FireworksCC 2014Applications
Windows Adobe FlashCC 2014Multimedia
OS X Adobe IllustratorCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe IllustratorCC 2014Graphics
OS X Adobe InCopyCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe InCopyCC 2014Word Processors
OS X Adobe IndesignCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe IndesignCC 2014Graphics
OS X Adobe PhotoshopCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe PhotoshopCC 2014Graphics
OS X Adobe Photoshop LightroomCC 2015Applications
Windows Adobe Photoshop LightroomCC 2014Applications
OS X Adobe PreludeCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe PreludeCC 2014Multimedia
Windows Adobe Premiere Elements11Multimedia
OS X Adobe Premiere ProCC 2017Applications
Windows Adobe Premiere ProCC 2014Multimedia
Windows Adobe Reader11.0.7Utilities
OS X Adobe Scout1.1.3Applications
Windows Adobe ScoutCC 2014Multimedia
Windows Aleks3.18Class Software\ALEKS
Windows ArcGIS 1010.3.1Class Software\ArcGIS
Windows ArcGlobe 1010.3.1Class Software\ArcGIS
Windows ArcMap10.3.1Class Software\ArcGIS
Windows ArcScene10.3.1Class Software\ArcGIS
Windows ARTStor OIV3.1Graphics
Windows Astrometry of Asteroids1.711Class Software\ASTR
Windows Audacity2.0.5Multimedia
Windows BioEdit7.2.5Class Software\CPSC 256
Windows Boole2.7Class Software\PHIL 202
Windows BotulismN/AClass Software\CHLH 101
Windows BugBrain2.1Class Software/PHIL 425
Windows BusinessPDF FontsN/AUtilities
Windows CanoScan LiDE 110N/AGraphics
Windows CartogramN/AClass Software\ArcGIS
Windows Citrix XenDesktop EWSN/ANetwork Services
Windows CUWUN/AClass Software\STAT
Windows CyberLink DVD5.7Multimedia
Windows Data FilesN/AClass Software\NUSC 322
Windows Desktop HelpN/AClass Software\ArcGIS
Windows Desktop ToolsN/AClass Software\ArcGIS
Windows Dolphin EasyReader6.01Accessibility
OS X DVD Player5.9.6Multimedia
Windows Dying Stars and the Birth of the Elements1.002Class Software\ASTR
Windows Dynamic AcousticsN/AClass Software\SHS 240 & 390
Windows EasyReader4.01.32Accessibility
Windows Eclipse4.4Programming
Windows Enterprise Guide4.3Class Software\SAS
Windows EPI Info7.1.2Class Software\CHLH 274
OS X EPSON Scan5.1.0f0Graphics
Windows Epson ScannerN/AGraphics
Windows eQuest3.63Class Software\eQuest
Windows Find OrbN/AClass Software\ASTR
Windows Fitch2.7Class Software\PHIL 202
OS X Flip Player3.3.7.3Applications
OS X GarageBand10.2.0iLife
Windows GeoDa1.6.0Class Software\GEOG 379
Windows GeoGebra4.9Statistical Analysis
Windows GhostView5.0Utilities
Windows GIMP2.8.14Graphics, Class Software\MACS 199
OS X GitHub223Applications
OS X Google Chrome61Dock
Windows Google Chrome45.0Start
Windows Google Earth7.1Utilities
Windows GREPrepN/AClass Software\GREPrep
Windows Handbrake0.9.9Multimedia
Windows Illinois CompassN/AStart
Windows Image J1.46rClass Software\BIOE 202
OS X iMovie 10.1.7iLife, Multimedia
Windows ImPACT 20076.7.723Class Software\KIN 121
Windows Implan3Class Software\Implan
Windows InfoPath2013Microsoft Office 2013, Spreadsheets & Databases
Windows Inkscape0.48.4Class Software\MACS 199
Windows Inspect324.2.55Class Software\Web 2.0 Accessibility
Windows Internet Explorer11.0Start
OS X iTunes12.7iLife, Multimedia
Windows iTunes11.3Multimedia
Windows Kurzweil 300012Accessibility
Windows Mathematica10Class Software\Mathematica
Windows Mathematica Kernel10Class Software\Mathematica
Windows MatlabR2015bClass Software\Matlab
Windows Microsoft Access2013Microsoft Office 2013, Spreadsheets & Databases
Windows Microsoft Encoder4Multimedia
OS X Microsoft Excel2016Spreadsheets & Databases
Windows Microsoft Excel2003Spreadsheets & Databases
Windows Microsoft Excel2013Microsoft Office 2013, Spreadsheets & Databases
Windows Microsoft OneNote2013Microsoft Office 2013, Word Processing
OS X Microsoft Powerpoint2016Graphics
Windows Microsoft Powerpoint2013Microsoft Office 2013, Graphics
Windows Microsoft Project2013Microsoft Office 2013, BADM 377
Windows Microsoft Publisher2013Microsoft Office 2013, Word Processing
OS X Microsoft Word2016Spreadsheets & Databases, Word Processors
Windows Microsoft Word2013Microsoft Office 2013, Word Processing
Windows MikTex2.9Programming
Windows Movie Maker2011Multimedia
Windows MovieCaptioner1.44Multimedia
OS X Mozilla Firefox56Dock
Windows Mozilla Firefox37.0Start
Windows MPEG Streamclip1.2Multimedia
Windows MultiTerm Desktop 2011SP1Class Software\LING 490
Windows myJavaStatN/AClass Software\STAT
Windows MySQL Connector ODBC5.1.9Class Software\CS 105
Windows MySQL Front2.5Class Software\CS 105
Windows MySQL Manager1.0.2Class Software\CS 105
Windows MySQL Workbench5.2.37Class Software\CS 105
Windows NASA JPL SimulatorN/AClass Software\ASTR
Windows Newton-Revolutions of the Moons of Jupiter2.114Class Software\ASTR
Windows NJStar Communicator2.60.6Utilities
Windows Notepad++6.6.9Programming, Word Processing, Class Software\MACS 199
Windows NVivo10-SP4Statistical Analysis
Windows NVU1Class Software\Mortenson
Windows NX Client4.2.15Network Services
Windows OpenBook9.0.1543Accessibility
Windows Opera23Network Services
Windows OriginPro9.2Statistical Analysis
Windows Period of Rotation of the Sun1.014Class Software\ASTR
Windows PhotoboothN/AMultimedia
Windows Pidgin2.7.10Network Services
Windows POWERPREP IIN/AClass Software\SROP
Windows Praat5.4.18Class Software\SHS 301
Windows PuTTY0.62Network Services
Windows PuTTYGen0.62Network Services
Windows Python2.7.3Class Software\ArcGIS
Windows Python27 MSI1.1.4Class Software\ECON 399
Windows Quicktime7.7.8Multimedia
OS X Quicktime Player10.4Multimedia
Windows Remote DesktopN/ANetwork Services
Windows Roemer-Jupiter Moons and the Speed of Light2.114Class Software\ASTR
OS X R-Project3.4.1Class Software/IEI-TOEFEL, Class Software/LING 591
Windows R-Project3.2.3Statistical Analysis, Class Software\STAT
OS X RStudio1.0.153Statistical Analysis
Windows RStudio 0.99.879Statistical Analysis
OS X Safari11Network Services
Windows SAS9.4Statistical Analysis\SAS
Windows Scratch2Class Software\MACS 199
Windows SeaMonkey2.13.2Class Software\KIN 460
Windows Second LifeClass Software\PSYC 336
Windows SketchUp14.0.4Graphics
Windows Skype for Business15.0.4787.1001Utilities
Windows SOC 380 Data SetN/AClass Software\SPSS 20
Windows Sport and Rec Facility Management3.1.15Class Software\RST 340
Windows SPSS Amos22Class Software\SPSS\SPSS AMOS\SPSS
Windows SPSS22Class Software\SPSS, Statistical Analysis\SPSS
Windows SQL Developer4.0.2Class Software\BADM 351
Windows Stata13Statistical Analysis
Windows Stellarium0.12.4Class Software\ASTR
Windows Submit2.7Class Software\PHIL 202
Windows Tarski's World6.7Class Software\PHIL 202
Windows Tasa Minerals1.8Class Software\GEOL 333
Windows Telescope DataN/AClass Software\ASTR
OS X Terminal2.7.3Network Services
Windows Thunderbird24.6Class Software\CS Newsreader
Windows TortoiseMerge1.7.12Class Software\INFO 490
Windows Transits of Venus and Mercury1.004Class Software\ASTR
Windows Translation Studio2011Class Software\LING 490
Windows Tree Plan1.82Class Software\BADM 374
Windows TRST 407 - StorageN/AClass Software\LING 490
Windows Understanding DecibelsN/AClass Software\SHS 240 & 390
Windows Unit 1N/AClass Software\SHS Units
Windows Unit 2N/AClass Software\SHS Units
Windows Unit 3N/AClass Software\SHS Units
Windows Unit 4N/AClass Software\SHS Units
Windows Unit 5N/AClass Software\SHS Units
Windows VIM7.4Word Processing
Windows VIREO1.5Class Software\ASTR
Windows Visio2007Microsoft Office 2013, Graphics
OS X VLC2.2.6Multimedia
Windows VLC2.2.1Multimedia
Windows VMD1.9.1Statistical Analysis
Windows WebDrive7.1Network Services
Windows WimbaN/AClass Software\LSP 300
Windows Windows Media Player12Multimedia
Windows WinRats325.02Class Software\ECON 576
Windows WinRats32 DataN/AClass Software\ECON 576
Windows WinSCP5.1.7Network Services
Windows Write-n-Cite3Word Processing
OS X Xcode9Development
Windows Xming6.9.0.31Network Services
OS X XQuartz2.7.11Network Services
Windows zleaf3.2.8Class Software\ECON 490
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